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My name is Francesca Straniero and I am an Italian Registered Associate Nutritionist (ANutr) with the Association for Nutrition (AfN) and SENr. As a massive foodie, I love sharing nutritious and delicious recipes to inspire you every day. I deliver online consultations, both in English and Italian, and I also offer nutrition consulting and recipe development services.

After obtaining a bachelor’s degree (BSc) in Food Science and Technology I continued my study in the UK and obtained a Master’s degree (MSc) with Distinction in Human and Sports Nutrition. I’ve recently completed a Postgraduate Certificate in Applied Sports Nutrition accredited by the Sports and Exercise Nutrition Register (SENr).

Part of becoming an accredited registered nutritionist is continually studying and developing, and I have since taken additional courses in Sports Nutrition, Intuitive Eating and Vegan Diets.

My Mission

My mission is to give you the tools to nourish and fuel your body without restriction or food rules, in a way that makes you reach your goals and feel the best.

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As a ballet dancer, training every day, I had to learn how to fuel my body to perform better and to monitor my nutritional intake for over 18 years to support my dance classes and performances. I use this unique insight to provide my clients with practical, insightful and lifestyle-driven nutritional advice.

I believe that food is not all about nutrition and fueling our body for living: it is much more. We eat food for pleasure, comfort, when we are bored, angry or annoyed and to socialize with friends and family. Finding the right balance can be hard especially in a society filled with misconceptions and wrong (harmful) messages.

As a Nutritionist, interested in the non-diet approach and intuitive eating, my aim is to guide and support you in your journey towards optimum health and nutrition, using a gentle approach. As I believe in long-term habits, my aim is to provide you with the tools, motivation and accountability needed to embrace a healthy way of living through food and joy.

Qualifications and Professional Body

  • Registered Associate Nutritionist (AfN)
  • Graduate Registrant (SENr)
  • Clean Sport Advisor (UKAD)
  • MSc in Human and Sports Nutrition – London Metropolitan University (London)
  • BSc in Food Science and Technology – University of Padua (Italy)
  • Applying Intuitive Eating and Non-Diet Approaches in Practice – LCIE course

I specialise in these core areas:

  • Healthy eating
  • Sports and Dance Nutrition
  • Intuitive eating
  • Vegan and Vegetarian Diet
  • Mediterranean Diet

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Have a look around and please do get in touch if you are interested in working with me and discovering the best version of yourself.