Gentle Lifestyle Nutrition

Are you fed up with restrictive diet and stuck in the diet cycle?
Do you feel stressed and/or anxious around food and food choices?
Do you want to improve your eating habits but you don’t know where to start?
Are you feeling low in energy and want to improve your lifestyle?

60 Minute Consultation  – £95:

A one-on-one consult (via Zoom). You will receive individualised guidance and recommendations regarding your nutrition for your own health and/or performance goals, as well as nutrition education and practical tools to help you fuel your body and feel confident and empowered around your food choices.

This includes a full personalised nutrition plan for your needs and goals, with recipes and more.

45 Minute Follow-up Consultation  – £70:

A review of your nutrition plan to assess your progress, make changes as/if needed and continue working towards your health or performance goals.

Including ongoing nutrition education, accountability, recommendations and support via email or WhatsApp, plus additional resources.

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I believe in developing long-life and sustainable eating habits, without rules that can help you achieve your goals, whether they are improving your lifestyle or enhancing your performance.